DeKonsultere offers the following executive leadership services:

COO/Operations Leadership Services

We can help your company ensure your Operations are effectively run, with measurable metrics and service level agreements for your partners and customers. We will ensure these measures are built into all areas of the operation, and that leaders are trained on how to analyze the metrics to optimize their area of business, while taking full accountability for achieving their goals. In addition, we can help build a culture of continuous improvement, utilizing technology automation combined with process re-design and regular A/B testing. Finally, we can help design an organization model that scales and can handle rapid growth, while also ensuring you maximize variable cost structures to allow for quick downsizing if necessary.

CIO/Technology Leadership Services

Leveraging experiences that include a CIO at two NYSE publicly traded companies (Fortune 500, Fortune 1000), and a CIO at a Venture funded startup, we can provide either Interim CIO leadership, or CIO level coaching/consulting to improve the effectiveness of your IT organization, while also radically improving the speed and agility of your IT services to respond to business and customer demands. We deliver these improvements by ensuring your company is effectively leveraging cloud computing solutions, eliminating costly maintenance/patching costs and resources, and re-investing that savings into technologies and personnel that deliver customer/partner facing digital trans-formative products and services across your primary business channels including web, mobile, social, and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products. Ultimately we can modernize your IT organization, aligning resources and processes so that your IT group is delivering new releases to your critical customer and internal systems at most every 2 weeks, and at worst, every 1-2 months. Imagine what you could accomplish with that kind of velocity of new features and improvements!

Board Level Leadership – Cyber Risk; Digital Transformation Risk; IT Risk

Utilizing our experience in C-Level roles at a Fortune 500/Fortune 1000 companies, as well being part of NYSE public boards, VC funded boards, and heavily regulated governing boards, we can help ensure that your board of directors has the right level of experience to ensure oversight and risk analysis (and guidance) in areas traditionally not covered by your board members who focus solely on financial or strategic risk. These areas are cyber security risk, information technology risk, and digital transformation risk. Our leaders have built and run cyber security divisions at public Fortune 500/1000 level companies, while also being the CIO leading digital transformation efforts focused on launching new digital products and services, while simultaneously digitizing internal operations. We can also risk assess whether your companies digital transformation efforts translate into how you run Operations, leveraging our experiences in COO roles running shared operations in the USA, Caribbean, India, and Brazil, supporting such operations as inside sales, customer service, customer financing, supply chain, product/content management, account management, credit/accounts receivable, global security, and contact center operations.

salesforce Consulting Services

Our people are some of the most experienced salesforce personnel in the world, and we have worked to implement and optimize since 2002. We leverage the best of onshore solution architects, technical architects and business analysts, combined with offshore development and admin personnel, to deliver cost-optimized solutions for our salesforce Customers. We can deliver at a dramatically reduced cost vs. what you experience with pricey large consulting organizations, while delivering high quality and speed due to the experience level of our personnel. Whether you need to merge Orgs, convert to Lightning, optimize the experience, build a truly digital communication experience, or integrate with your legacy environments…we have the experience and personnel who have delivered similar solutions to hundreds of companies globally.