Giving Thanks!

In the spirit of giving Thanks this holiday season, my client ThingLogix has been modeling their Foundry product in the image of salesforce, and this article is an attempt to describe how much they have been helped by following the salesforce product roadmap.  As we all know, salesforce fundamentally disrupted and changed the nature of… Read More

Thanks NACD for a Great Board Evaluation Tool

A recent article titled “A Field Guide to Bad Directors” in the July/August 2018 edition of the NACD|Directorship Boardroom Intelligence magazine presented a thoughtful analysis of the types of Director bad behavior that diminishes, derails, or otherwise hurts Board performance, governance and oversight.  Many of us will read this article and immediately be able to… Read More

Operationally Excellent Culture

When you hear the words ‘operational excellence’, what does that mean to you?  I’ve asked many senior leaders this question and received many different answers.  However, there are three common pillars that set the foundation for operational excellence. The first pillar of operational excellence is being efficient and cost effective in how you deliver operations. … Read More

Server-less Computing will Revolutionize both Application Development and How Businesses Digitize their Business Processes

When people think of the cloud, they often picture SaaS platforms such as, or Workday.  Or they think of PaaS platforms such as AWS, Azure or  Some think of virtual machines such as Docker Containers, or Linux/Windows VMs on Rackspace or Azure.  The problem that is missing from this picture is the ability… Read More

Intentional Organization Design

Why I believe you need someone in charge of overall organizational design. How do we organize our business to achieve our strategic goals? This question is often left un-answered by many organizations. Businesses spend thousands of hours per year on strategic areas such as product strategy, customer service strategy, customer acquisition strategies, value creation strategies,… Read More